feeling icky

I work Tuesday-Saturday each week and I look forward to Sunday and Monday. Those are MY days. Unfortunately, I spent my weekend feeling icky. Migraine icky. I hate when that happens on a day off, although it'll be nice on payday that this didn't happen on a work day.

I actually got quite a bit done yesterday before the ick set in. I have my scrapbook closet nearly organized, I sewed a quilt top, I made most of a card, photographed jewelry, and I made a necklace. Oh, I also listed several new things on Etsy which takes a while to do (for me anyway). LOL

Today, I finished that card, played with Photoshop to design a business card, put away the huge mess of beads that was taking over the coffee table, checked up on outstanding orders (like the nutso that has me on backorder), and mailed a bracelet that was purchased from my shop this weekend. It still looks like I accomplished stuff, but in reality, I sat around a lot this whole weekend. I get so frustrated when I'm not being productive.

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