wardrobe malfunction

Ok, I don't embarrass easily, which is a really good thing because I constantly do ridiculous things. What follows is the story of my unfortunate wardrobe malfunction yesterday:

I was working away at my desk and felt something kinda weird in my lap. I looked down and saw that my pants were completely undone (think slacks - a zipper, two hooks, and a button) and hanging open. Yes.

I had a vague recollection of thinking it hadn't taken very long to use the bathroom after lunch. Now I knew why. I had simply pulled them up, tucked in my tank top, and straightened my shirt.

I'm lucky that I was stuck at my desk all day. Walking around would have resulted in those slacks finding their way down to my ankles. That would have been humorously awful.

Don't go thinking that I was flashing all my coworkers. I wear a pair of leggings or long johns under my slacks to keep warm in the winter. Plus, my shirt was longish - almost long enough to completely cover the hanging flaps of my slacks.

Yeah. Just another day in my life. LOL

good and not-so-good

I had the greatest set of roommates back in my college days. It's been eight years since we lived together, but it feels like it was yesterday. Five of us met up at Olive Garden in Layton on Saturday. We ate dinner and did a quick little catch-up on our lives. It was nice to see everyone again. Of the 6 of us, there are three nurses, two elementary school teachers, and me - the drop out! LOL

I went to bed early Saturday night because I literally could not stay awake. Sunday, I had no energy and just laid in bed watching movies on my portable dvd player. Monday, I was feeling okay, so I ran errands. That wiped me out and I spent the rest of the day being lazy. Yesterday, I was sick. Achy, nauseous, exhausted. I had a headache too. I called in sick and spent the day dozing in and out. I managed to clean my bedroom (halfway) though. Today, I pushed myself to work and I shouldn't have. I hurt everywhere. I'm starving and the thought of food makes me want to vomit. My head is pounding. And, its taking a great deal of effort to keep my eyes open. I really should have taken another sick day, but I always feel so guilty when my coworkers are short-handed. Sigh. Today is day 5 of being sick. I'm hoping to be better in just 2 days. I don't know what I'll do if I have 5 more days of this to endure. UGH.

moving forward

I've had a really rough couple of days. It seems like every 3-4 months I have a couple days where I can't handle ANYTHING. I wish I could blame it on PMS, but it's just some other cyclical bitchiness. I usually end up crying for a day and then I'm back to normal for 3-4 months.

I'm not sure the tears will come this time though. I just spent 20 minutes with a good friend of mine and my mood is so much better. Who knew that something so simple could help so much. I am so happy now that I can't remember how badly my morning went (ok, I can if I try, but I don't want to). I want to move forward with this much better mood and keep this tingly/happy feeling as long as I possibly can! And, tonight I'm spending time with another friend. Take out, a movie, and some girl-talk. Life is good.


I haven't always understood that happiness is a choice. I think I figured that out in my late teens, but it's made SUCH a difference in how I live/interact/view life and those around me. It can still be difficult to choose happiness on days that are just flat-out crummy, but I think that's when it's MOST important. I've been having mostly good days lately and here are ten reasons why:

1- Christmas is OVER!! January may be my favorite month of the year for this very reason. My tree is still up and we may leave it up for a while because I like it, it's not in my way, and well, I can!

2- Being creative. I've been working on several projects around the house, plus jewelry and scrapbooking. I am honestly happiest when I'm doing something creative.

3- Having a clean house. I love when my home is clean. It's far from spotless, but the dishes are done and the clutter is at a minimum.

4- Hearing from friends. Whether that be through email, postal mail, blogs, phone calls, IM's, text messages, etc. It makes me so happy to just connect with my friends.

5- I have a HUGE crush on a guy-friend of mine. Enough said, right?! I talk to him every day and wow. Just wow!

6- Adding people to the hitlist in Mafia Wars (on Facebook). Seriously. It is so freaking awesome and makes me smile each and every time. I added one person to the hitlist because they spelled their own username wrong. It felt good. LOL

7- Going to bed early. Some people feel bad for me if they hear that I went to bed early. Honestly, it feels awesome to climb into bed before you're completely exhausted and just relax there while you reflect on the day.

8- My niece and nephews. I love them to pieces. They are so adorable and it is so fun to see them grow and learn new things. Makes me excited for my own kids someday.

9- Work. I have a decent job and coworkers that I get along with most of the time (there may have been some drama today... oops). It provides me with structure and income and job skills that I may not have gained had I chosen a different job. Sure, my job can be super stressful, but it has benefits as well that generally even things out.

10- My home. I've never lived anywhere as long as I've lived here and I love it. I will be so sad when it comes time to leave. It has become a part of who I am in a lot of ways. I love that I can escape here. I can be private and reclusive if I want. I get alone time here. I really just adore being at home.

What's making you happy right now?

cake at midnight

I work early in the morning, which means I'm out of bed by 4:30am most days. I don't mind it. It's my routine. That also means I'm rarely up past 10:30. Last night, Steph and I went to Jen's to chill with her and the babies. I got drowsy watching movies, but once those were over and we started chatting, I was awake.

At about 12:30am, Jen and Steph had a craving for cake, so we started baking. We talked while we baked and had a good time while we waited. I made it to 2:40 before I could not keep my eyes open for another second and crashed into bed.

Now, I have a headache. This happens when I mess up my sleep. Oh well, I'll get through. Nothing monumental happened last night, but our cake at midnight will be a fun memory anyway.