using my stash

There's one problem with using beads I've had stashed for a long time - I ended up making a necklace that I just love and I'm not able to reproduce it. Sigh. Luckily, I was able to track down some very similar beads online, so I'll be able to make a few more. Whew! That's good, since I had someone ask to purchase one when she saw me wearing it for the first time. Soon enough, I'll have a few more completed so I can post one in my shop as well.

t-day recap

We had planned on going to my aunt's house in Centerville, but late Wednesday, she called and said my aunt in Pocatello was hosting instead. No biggie. I'm kinda smack dab between the two.

We had a yummy meal and then half the family went shooting and the other half stayed and played games. Later, we had pie, played pool, ping pong, and wii. I honestly love Thanksgiving. It takes some planning and preparation, but it ends up being a very laid-back, happy day with people I love and don't get to see much.

There was no lemon pie, but otherwise the day was perfect.

aka Scrooge

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I like Thanksgiving, but it marks the beginning of insanity. Five weeks of cranky people, busy stores, and snow. I really don't like Christmas. For the record, I hope you (a collective you) love Christmas. Someone has to and it's not going to be me. I'm just not that into holidays.

My shopping is done and I will decorate for the holiday. I'll find myself at several holiday parties. I'll probably even bake. Sadly, I won't enjoy it. I never do. I try every year and every year I feel more detached from this season. Like I'm going though the motions without feeling anything. I can't wait for 12/26/08!

I have many reasons for feeling this way and I tend to find people that disagree with me and think I'm just cold-hearted or something, so I won't get into it. Maybe my perspective will change when I have kids. That would certainly make things more fun. Until then, you can call me Scrooge.


So, I caved and created a Facebook account. I was bored. LOL. It has been fun to find people though. There are people from high school that I forgot about (hey - it's been almost a decade since I graduated), family members that I see only once or twice a year, friends that live far far away, and friends that live a block away that I see only once or twice a year. LOL.

Creating a profile is... interesting. I think I'm boring and can never think of anything interesting to list under "about me" types of things.

This whole thing is new to me. If you're out there and want to be my Facebook friend, let me know or send me an invite :)

selective senses

I am a very visual person. I love to see things and I learn best by either reading or watching someone else demonstrating. There is only one drawback to being so visual... if I see something, it's very difficult to not see it over and over again in my mind. Ironically, sight is my only 'flawed' sense. Without corrective lenses, I can't see anything clearly past what is required to read a book.

My dad loves to share movies with us. He brings a stack for us to watch every time he comes to visit. He brought one a couple weeks ago and has asked us several times since how we liked it. It was a war drama. Probably my two least favorite genres - war and drama.

My parents dropped by yesterday. My mom and Stephanie left to visit my sister-in-law and my cute niece and adorable nephews and my dad suggested He and I watch this movie he's talked so much about. After about 10 minutes, I'd seen things I didn't care to see. I got up to use the bathroom and I took out my contacts. I then "watched" another hour of this movie with him before I went to bed. The sounds of the movie and the dialogue didn't bother me at all. The images definitely did, though.

Yeah, maybe I was wrong to not just tell him I didn't want to watch it, but he was so excited for me to see it and I didn't want to let him down. I figure we were able to spend some time together and that's what matters.

**Mom - don't tell Dad, okay**

baby steps...


But, I'm trying to change that.

And I'm making progress every day.

Slowly, but surely I'll win this race.


Sometimes I like my job; sometimes I really hate my job. Most of the time I fall somewhere in the middle. It's the kind of job that takes it toll slowly - building and building - until you find yourself crying in a bathroom stall. That was me last Saturday. Nothing all that bad happened, but I had let things build so long that I found myself at a breaking point. I had a sweet friend supporting me through text messages and I got through the day. He deserves cookies. LOL.

Needless to say, I took some time off this week. I have been happy and productive and I'm feeling so much better about work, home, etc. Yesterday, I cleaned and organized my bedroom. I searched all my local stores for a fabric I could use for the pillows in my living room and didn't find anything. I already have most of the fabric I need, but wanted a solid blue that had a different texture than twill or silk (which is what the other fabrics are). I finally found one online and I hope the color is close to what's on the monitor. I was too impatient to order a swatch this time. I just want this project done. Now I just have to decide which fabric goes on which pillow.

I bought a basket and pillow forms with my bonus. I have enough to buy a down comforter and a lamp still, but I'll have to get the comforter online and there wasn't a shade I liked at the store when I found the lamp base I wanted. One of these day I'll get both of those things.

halfway done...

with my Christmas shopping, and I started this morning. Online shopping is awesome. I didn't have to listen to screaming kids and cranky parents. I didn't have to wait in long lines with inept cashiers. And, I didn't even have to get dressed. Not only is that awesome, but I found some great deals on the things that I was looking for. Finding a bargain always makes me happy!

I need to go exploring tomorrow morning to find some other items locally... My goal, which I WILL accomplish, is to have Christmas shopping completely done before Thanksgiving. We were done early last year and it was so incredibly nice. To be honest, I could be done tomorrow if I find what I need in town. That makes me smile!

I'm also going to buy myself some new things tomorrow - probably sheets and a new down comforter. I got a small bonus at work a few months ago and I've been trying to decide what I wanted to buy myself since then. Who knows, maybe I'll get to the store and make another decision. Can't wait!!

table, part deux

(pardon the bad photo please - what looks like dust and uneven painting is actually a result of using a flash) Here she is! I finished the second coat of paint on Tuesday and now I'm just letting her get good and dry before she's moved to my bedroom. Really, I've just been busy with other things and haven't yet made the time to move the old nightstand out of the way yet.

My latest project is an afghan for my bed. I'm making a duvet cover, bed skirt, and pillows, and I wanted a cute throw blanket too, but couldn't find something in the right color. I found yarn in the perfect color and it was so inexpensive (2.59/skein and on sale at Michaels for only 2.00 this week! Wahoo!) It's so soft, but holds its shape really well. Luckily, I can work on the afghan while I'm at work, so it's coming along pretty quickly.

be creative

I've been on the hunt for a new bedside table for about six months. Everything was either too expensive or not quite right. I guess I was just looking for something that spoke to me and said "Hey, I would look awesome next to your bed." followed by "And I won't break the bank to do so."

I was having a cranky day last week and needed some space, but I wasn't gonna get any. Steph suggested that we go to a thrift store to look for old books... It was kismet. I heard those words that I'd been listening for. A great table sat before me. It needed a little love, but I was more than willing to supply it.

I took a peek at the price tag: How's $10.00? Yeah!! This table had spoken to me and had practically no impact on my budget. It's solid and sturdy and awesome. I snagged this baby right up, hurried home, and started sanding away. The first coat of paint was applied yesterday. I have one or two areas on the legs that need a drip mark sanded off and then I'll get that final coat of paint applied. It's looking so awesome and it's not even finished yet.

I'm happiest when I'm being creative (something I've known for a long time) and I try to do something crafty as often as I can. I'm gonna try and update here with the crafty things I'm working on. Soon, I'll be able to share photos of my awesome table in her new black coat ;)

in hot water...

I am, indeed, in hot water. Sunday, Steph started running water for a bath and I thought "oh, I hope she doesn't use all the hot water." Maybe two minutes later, she came out in a towel and told me there was no hot water. We wondered if the pilot light on the water heater had gone out, so we opened the utility room door and found some moldy, yellow sludge coming from the water heater. YUCK! I didn't take a photo because it was gross.

We store our vaccuum, broom, and mop in that room and I hadn't seen this sludge a few days earlier when I'd been in there to get the broom. We didn't want to bother the landlord on a Sunday and figured we could both survive ONE cold shower. (For the record, my shower lasted about 16 seconds. I got the top half of my hair wet and couldn't stand it any longer than that). It was COLD!

Stephanie, who rarely cleans, was so excited to boil water to wash dishes. Yeah, I don't understand it either. LOL.

I called the landlord yesterday morning and he came right over to look at the water heater. He couldn't see anything wrong with the heater itself, but found some problems with the pipes leading to it. In the time it took for me to make an impulsive purchase at Michaels, the plumber had everything in working order. (I know, because I was making an impulsive purchase at Michaels while the plumber was at my house).

So, last night, I had a LONG, HOT shower and it was awesome!