rag quilt

I finished my rag quilt today and it's so stinking cute!!
Rag quilts are generally made by sewing together 'sandwiches' composed of 2 layers of fabric with batting or a layer of flannel in between. I wanted this one to be lightweight, but snuggly, so I have cotton prints on the front and pink flannel on the back.

Rag quilts are also generally stitched diagonally from corner to corner, forming an X on each piece. I cut all the squares a couple weeks ago and got them all sewed together with the X's and HATED it! These pieces are small enough that they don't require stitching within the squares, so I unpicked all of them and sewed the blanket without the diagonal stitching. Sunday, I sat down and got it sewn together and started cutting the exposed seams. Monday, I went and bought a new pair of scissors to save my hands. LOL (If you're going to make a rag quilt, I HIGHLY recommend getting a pair of spring-loaded scissors. Your hands will thank you for it!)

I want to get some better photos taken before I post this on Etsy, but I'll have to wait on that. It seems I can only get good photos between 9:00-11:00 AM and I happen to be at work during that timeframe. Ugh.


scrappinfor5 said...

Cute quilt! How does the batting stay in place if you don't use the "X"? Do you get the edge of it in the seams? So they don't show when you 'rag' it? Hmmm...

Carmen Alexander Stevens said...

What a beautiful rag quilt. My sister just told me about these last week and she is hounding me to make one for her daughter. Love the colors you picked. It is "stinking cute".