Time flies

So, this week FLEW by. I didn't work much and I slept a lot. Sounds great, right? It wasn't. As much as I'd love to never work again, I am so much more productive when I do. This week wasn't so much lazy as it was sick. I got a nasty stomach bug from my niece and nephews and spent the better part of three days asleep. That beat the alternative activity I had to deal with when I was awake...

Anyway, I'm finally starting to feel better. With increased energy and motivation, I finally listed some watches for sale. I'll get more posted throughout the week, but for now - you can see what's for sale here.

watch these...

When I start a new project, I tend to get a wee bit obsessive. These are the watches I've made this week (be sure to click the photos to enlarge). I am having so much fun I can barely contain myself! LOL What other colors do you like or suggest that I make? I DO plan to sell watches/bands in my Etsy shop, but I wanted to get some made before I started listing them. Custom orders and pre-orders are available if you're interested. One thing that I really like about these is that the bands are interchangeable, so you can buy one watch face and then just swap the bands out to coordinate with your wardrobe. On the other hand, I think I'm in love with some of these watch faces and I want one of each for myself!

random confession

When I was younger (ages 12-15), I used to go to Kings and arrange the dolls in the dollhouse so that they were in naughty poses.


I found myself oddly fascinated with book bindings last week and set out to try making a book. I wanted something small and simple. I also needed a way to take fabric samples with me when I'm shopping and trying to match things. Thus, my swatch book was created. I'm crazy and picked my color scheme based on the head of the pin I wanted to use. Yellow.

Coptic binding is simple. It does take some coordination and practice. Mine is FAR from perfect, but it was fun to go out and learn something new. I watched a great video online and also read through some instructions here. I liked that I didn't need any special tools and it didn't use adhesive. Another great feature of this binding is that it opens flat.

I'd like to make another book one of these days... to get more practice, mostly. It's hard to tell dimensions from the pictures. The book is about 4.5"x5"


I love making jewelry, but I have a new obsession... watches! They are fun and easy and so dang cute! Here's my very first one. She's feminine and reminds me of neopolitan :) There are MANY more in the works. And there will be some in my shop once my online purchases get here and I can get them designed!

on the wagon

Steph, Jen, and I changed our eating habits back in March. We cut out white flour, and strictly limited sugar. I'd done this before and lost 30 pounds without effort - beside giving up yummy food, anyway. I wanted to lose some weight again, plus I remember how good I felt when I was eating better.

One of my motivators was fear. My family health history reads like a horror story and I wanted to do everything in my power to avoid such things as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. My dad has diabetes and I've seen more medical crap than one should. I saw his failing eyesight, heart attacks, bypass surgery, hospital stays, dialysis, and a kidney transplant in a short two years and KNEW that IF such things could be avoided, I was gonna do just that.

As I mentioned, those 30 pounds came right off. I took about 3 months and I just felt SO good. I had way more energy, could think more clearly, my skin cleared up, and I required less sleep. Alas, I plateaued and found myself out of town (incidentally, for my dad's kidney transplant) - which makes it harder for me to stick to a diet and fell off the wagon. I gained it all back, plus some.

Anyway, we've been eating well and feeling great. We've all lost 15+ pounds (I've lost 19!) and we're motivated to stick to it. We felt we'd have more diet-stamina if we occasionally allowed ourselves to eat a treat, so we enjoyed a delicious fruit pizza on Mother's Day.

When you eliminate white flour for a period of time and then eat it again, you can clearly tell how much it affects you. I start acting like I'm drunk (well, what I assume I'd be if I drank) - not so much impaired judgement, but my obscenity filter vanishes and I slur. I swore a lot in traffic. Anyway... Steph got sick. My dad suggested that maybe her blood sugar was high and offered to test it for her.

Diabetes is this fear in the back of my mind. I always wonder and worry that my sugars will be high and then I get paranoid about a diagnosis, etc. I asked him to test mine as well. So far, so good. I was at 127 after eating dinner, 2 cookies, and a bunch of fruit.

So, I'm back on the wagon today. I actually missed eating well. I enjoy feeling well and knowing that I do have some control over that.


I've been a bad blogger lately. Truth be told, I find myself so mentally drained at the end of the day that I can't create a coherent sentence. Work was been rough and it's taking everything I've got to just survive my 40 hours a week. I am so very grateful to have a job, don't get me wrong, but gratitude doesn't overcome frustration. Not where my job is concerned, anyway.

I had a fantastic dream last night. In it, I had what I wanted. Non-material things that I'm unable to get on my own when I'm awake. I was so blissfully happy, I can't even explain it. Morning came and the alarm disrupted my dream and I felt so lost and lonely. I want to go to that place again, but in a way that cannot be interrupted by the torturous beep of my alarm clock.

weekend to do:

work on sewing project:
Did some, need to do some more. I'm sewing a nursery set for my cousin Katie.

make a coptic-bound book:
Done! I actually made/took apart/remade the same book three times to try new techniques and get it how I wanted it. It was fun and I can definitely see myself making more little books. I'm going to decorate the cover and then I'll post pictures.

pay bills (credit card, student loan):
Paid the credit card, will pay the student loan in a few days. It's not due yet anyway.

create some new jewelry creations:
Made 2 cute watches and I'm so addicted! I just bought a ton more watch faces online (because in town they are marked up 300%!!!). I need to also make a necklace for a custom order - Thanks, Melinda - and a few other little projects.

photograph and list items on Etsy:
Not yet, but soon. I need to do this badly!

go see "Peter Pan" at Old Barn:
TOTALLY spaced it. I've been planning this for like a month, was reminded Friday, and still forgot to go. Oops.

lunch date with Jen and Steph on Sat:
Had a fun time out with my girlies. And the two babies. It was nice.

attend church:

do something for mother's day:
Had a great get-together with my parents, Jen + kids, and Steph and I. We had planned for kabobs and fruit pizza, but the grill wasn't cooperating. We improvised and cooked the chicken in the oven and made a stir fry with all the veggies. Yum. It was a beautiful day. I spent time outside with a sleeping baby's dead weight on my chest (love that!). Enjoyed spending time with my parents.