new wallpaper

I have had the same desktop wallpaper for a year. I know that's not a crime, nor is there an expiration date, but I had kind of intended to switch things up from time to time. Yeah. My desktop showed "August 2008" for 11.5 months.

Saturday, my friend Tiffany came over so that I could make some announcements for her son's baptism and I remembered how much fun it can be to dink around in Photoshop. LOL. Sunday, I was sick but felt creative, so my butt found the computer chair and I got a new wallpaper designed! Yay!

I intentionally left the date off (lol) and I made it to match my living room decor (yeah... I know I'm nuts). This quote was on the old wallpaper and I was going to change that, but I got lazy and just changed the colors to match the new wallpaper. I may change the quote or pictures periodically, but it's good for now.

I love being crafty and creative.

keeping busy

I woke up with a headache and I think I'm cranky, but I've kept myself busy in an effort to distract myself. I designed a new wallpaper for my desktop and took some photos of my watches so that I could get them listed. Here are the two newest additions to my Etsy shop.

I made "Tilly" for myself a month or so ago and I wear it all the time. It goes with EVERYTHING! I sold one a few weeks back and finally got another made to list. "Blink" is new and is so sweet and fun. Black and pink are so classic and fun. I'll have to make another one just for me. That's what happens when I make a fun new band - I have to have one too! I think I have twenty of these bands myself :)

ah, motivation!

I've been excited to paint this table for about a year, but I just never took the time to work on THIS project. Anyway, I got motivated and spent way too much time fretting over paint colors. I literally had swatches from every local store and just about every different brand. I finally settled on a color and just bought cheapo Walmart paint.

I got her all primed and painted and I hated it. The paint was dry, but I could peel it off - and the color I'd fretted over just wasn't right. Anyway, I sanded it all off and started over. That didn't really take a long time. It took almost as long to dust my house afterward. LOL

I skipped the primer the second time and I didn't spend a lot on the paint, but I didn't want to buy another quart when I had SO MUCH leftover from the first round. I figured I'd play around with adding acrylic paint to get the shade I wanted and figured that if I totally screwed up the paint I could just buy more. It actually worked perfectly! I poured some paint in a plastic cup and then added acrylic paints until I got the shade I wanted.

Once the paint was dry, I sanded her up and distressed her. Oh, I also replaced the knob and I go back and forth on it- love it/hate it. Give me ten minutes and I'll change my mind twice. For now it's staying 'cause I love it half the time. LOL

Now I can't decide how to decorate the top. I've searched tablescape ideas and nothing has sparked for me yet. Any suggestions?

The color changes a little as the lighting changes and it looks so great in every light. I'm glad that I finally felt motivated to tackle this little project. Now I'm kinda in the mood to paint other little pieces of furniture.

my $pace

The Nester is having a link party where people share a room of their house and add up what they spent to decorate it. I actually wondered about this the other day. How much have I spent to make my house all homey? (Oh, ignore the sideways Monet on the shelf above the couch - it doesn't belong there but I was tired of looking at an empty shelf and I don't want people to think that it belongs there - thus being sideways, the mess of decor items on the end table waiting to find a home, and the picnic basket)

1. couch and loveseat: $750 on Ebay 4 years ago. I hated then for the first day or two. Now, I think they're great. I will need to replace the cushions on the loveseat soon though. You can definitely tell where we prefer to sit. LOL
2. entertainment center: $100 used. I found this in an online classified ad a year and a half ago. I wanted something black and considered painting it, but I liked how it looked as is. I'm glad I didn't paint it now - it would have been SO visually heavy.
3. computer armoire: $88 at Walmart 4ish years ago. Love it! I can store everything computer/office related inside and close the doors on it when I'm tired of looking at a computer.
4. hope chest: I made this sweet (huge) baby in my 9th grade shop class. It cost about $55 in supplies at the time. I was 14, so my parents paid for that, but I included it in the overall cost of the room. It is awesome for storage.
5. coffee table and end table: $45 and $13 at Ikea, 2 years ago. I like the look and love the price!
6. wicker chair: $49 at Pier One about 5 years ago. We got it on sale and it lived buried under clothes in Stephanie's room until I sent out a search and rescue team to retrieve it for use in the living room. It occasionally gets buried in clothes here too... the dumping place for clean laundry before it's folded and put away.
7. decor: Ok, there's a long list and I won't go into detail on all of it. I almost never pay full price. I watch the ads for Michaels, Joanns, Hobby Lobby, etc. and I make good use of coupons. Pillows: about $75, which includes the fabric and the pillow forms. I like sewing home decor stuff. Baskets: $60. That's for the two in the entertainment center, two in the coffee table, and one smaller one for mail (over by the computer stuff). Ficus: free. My aunt or grandma gave it to my mom and I talked about stealing it all the time. One day she said I could have it. I love it. And I love that I could use something that someone else no longer had a use for. Birdcage: $20 on clearance at Target like 6 years ago. (not really pictured - it's on the hope chest). This is one of those pieces that can be used anywhere. It's large, but I've used it in my bedroom and under my console table. I like having it out here in the living room. Other: old books, vases, a globe armillary, an antique phone, a silver candlestick, various frames, and so much more.

I estimated a total of about $1857 for everything except electronics.

There's still so much to be done in the room. In the corner you didn't see in the photos, I have a console table being used as a desk. The table is getting a makeover this week and I'm so excited to have that done. I've also got a leather parsons chair and a decorative shadowbox frame over there. Perhaps when the table's done I'll share some photos of that. I'm also buying curtains because I'm seriously tired of these renter drapes. Fugly. And I may add a ribbon to the bottom of the lampshade.

I'm also on the lookout for something to put on that shelf above the couch. I'm just not sure what I want there. Any suggestions?