four seasons

Utah has four seasons: Almost Winter, Winter, Hotter than Hell, and Construction. Right now, we're in the Construction season, and the road between my house and my parents' house is closed for three months. There is a tiny little dairy access dirt road that has been opened to allow people to still travel back and forth, but it's about wide enough for a car and a half. We took that road yesterday. As did morons pulling camper trailers in the opposite 'lane'... Needless to say, we took another route home that was twice as long, but had paved roads the entire way.

We had a nice little visit with my parents, siblings, niece, and nephews. Our Father's Day barbecue was a tasty meal, too. We took fruit salad (cantaloupe, honeydew, watermelon, grapes, etc.) and pineapple for grilling. Yum! My poor sister-in-law is 1000 weeks pregnant. And my brother keeps changing his mind about the name they've chosen. I'll have a sweet new nephew any time now.

I don't like to be away from home. Maybe that has something to do with moving 21 times in 20 years (I don't recommend it). We had a good time yesterday, but I'm glad to be home!

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