as predicted....

work was awful today!!!!

I also realized that I have limits. I do my job really well. I can even do double my normal amount really well too. Triple it, and things will get done, but excellence starts to dwindle. Give me 4x my normal amount and it's not so pretty. The first 6 hours were okay, but the last two were not. Thank goodness I have a weekend now!

I started organizing my scrapbook closet today. Yes, closet. I will post some pictures once it's done. It's remarkable how much one closet can hold when properly organized. I got it all set up a couple years ago and the structure itself isn't changing. Why fix something that isn't broken, right? I just need to weed out the stuff I won't use and give it away and get everything else put where it belongs. Oh yes, and label things.

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Anonymous said...

I remember your closet :)

Did I ever told you I sold all of my scrapping stuff??