my ever growing 'to do' list:

I'm a list maker. It helps me keep track of all the crap I have to do and helps me better manage my time so that I can spend more time on the things I want to do. :) I thought it would be a good idea to have a running 'to do' list so that I have one central location where I can put things (both short-term and long-term) that I need to get done. This list will also include many of the things I want to do, not just the things I have to do.

-send Ben a birthday message (belated.... his birthday was yesterday!)
-stop by Book Table to get more cardstock for my 2008 album
-take photos of various craft projects I'm working on
-customize my blog banner
-work on our family reunion scrapbook
-figure out this whole food storage thing
-order custom clear stamps
-find dvd storage solutions for the living room
-add earthquake coverage to my renters insurance policy
-get the oil changed in my car (and other minor maintenance)
-deep clean the kitchen and laundry room

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