long day

There have been a lot of changes at work lately. We've recently created a new department, which several of my immediate teammates opted to transfer to. We haven't back-filled the positions yet, so we're short handed. We're also busier than normal. It makes for really long days and really long weeks.

This whole week, I've been pretty spent by the time I get home. There hasn't been much creativity happening. I'm SO looking forward to the weekend so that I can spend some time on the things I enjoy.

I'm babysitting my friend's baby tomorrow while she goes to her brother's high school graduation. Rebekah is 4 months old and so stinkin' adorable. She's also a super good baby. We went to a play a couple weeks ago and she fussed for about two minutes during the intermission. Yeah. You can't really ask for a better baby than that! It should be a fun change of pace. I need to spend more time with babies.

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