so far...

July has been crazy, busy, stressful, and HOT. UGH. We're only three days into the month, so I've got my hopes set high that this theme will change in a hurry! I like to approach life in an easy, laid-back fashion, so this just isn't working for me. LOL

I have so many things I want to do (create, play, shop, sleep, clean, etc.) and just as many things that I HAVE to do (work, work, work, work, clean, etc.) and I'm not finding a balance. I usually have that figured out. I know this is temporary. My routine this week has been way off, and that's the biggest factor.

Oh, there was a funny situation at work today. My coworkers were voting to determine whether I was pissy or not... only one person thought I was being pissy. He was trying to convince the others that it was true. LOL (and he was probably teasing me anyway)

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