busy busy!

We're headed out to our family reunion in Bryce Canyon tomorrow morning, so I've been scrambling to get crap done all week. Oddly enough, I'm not packed yet.

Stephanie and I had pedicures on Monday (part of my birthday gift from my mom) and they were nice, but I could happily continue being LOW maintenance. I can paint my own toenails and my mom gives a better foot rub. I did enjoy it, though.

One of the projects I've been working on is a passport... My mom's family holds a reunion every summer and the location changes most years too. She has mentioned in years past that she always thought it would be fun to have a passport and get a stamp for each 'destination.' I took on the task this year.

I designed what I wanted in photoshop and had custom clear stamps created by ImagineStamps. I was then able to easily stamp and emboss the covers. (They look so awesome in person!)
The logo or seal or whatever you want to call it represents a tradition the family has of making having all the people in each of the different generations stand in a circle and have photos taken. It's called "Cousins Circle." And rather than having a country of origin listed, I chose to list our common ancestors as our origin.
The first page has a spot for a photo and some simple information to identify the passport holder.

I did create a destination stamp for Bryce Canyon too, but my photo wasn't great and I've been up for WAY too many hours at this point to go take another. Clear photos are starting to look blurry anyhow...


Anonymous said...

Your blog is so inspiring, Em! Every time I read it I want to go do something crafty :)

Have a great time at your family reunion!!

:: gingerkitty :: said...

totally rocks! so authentic looking

living creating & appreciating
my blog

Meg :: Bode22 said...

holy cow. those look fabulous. you did an amazing job!

Melinda said...

**Jaw Drop** That is so AWESOME!!! I can't believe you did the whole photoshop design and everything! You're like Martha Stewart without the felonies! I am completely impressed! BTW, Jonathan's passport just expired.....do you think you could help me out?