wednesday weigh-in

The diet slid a little this past weekend... It was Labor Day. That's how we're justifying it, anyway. I can handle sugar, but white flour kicks my butt. It makes me sluggish and I think it causes breakouts. Sugar doesn't affect me, so long as it's in moderation. I was starting to get hungry despite having just eaten, so I've started eating more grains now as well.
I was surprised that I lost anything after enjoying food Sat-Mon. LOL. I'm more likely to see the added weight this week, I guess. I'm back to being good as soon as the orange juice in front of me is gone :)

Today I'm going to weigh-in on: taking time for myself. I once read that intorverts need time alone to recharge, while extroverts need time with people. I'm definitely an introvert! Years ago, when I had a busier social life, I would schedule "time off" so I could just do my own thing. Now, I have plenty of alone time during the week and practically none on the weekends - and it's taking its toll!

I'm trying to find ways to get what I need on the weekends so that I can function at the start of the new week. I have to take care of myself, and this current trend of mine leaves me frustrated and exhausted right off the bat. Perhaps changing my work schedule to half-days on Tuesdays or just setting aside some time for myself - without errands to run - on Mondays. I'll come up with something :)


Noelia said...

First, let me congratulate you on starting on your weight loss journey and losing the 3.5 pounds. I'm on the same journey and it seems like I've been on it forever. I hoping September will bring a new inspiration and motivation to get it started once again. I'm an introvert too and I totally get what you mean by needing that alone time. I hope you find some balance.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a kind comment. You're welcome anytime :)

meg [ bode22 ] said...

lol. Thanks for the comment. The plan is to move on Friday and Saturday, so your family photo shoot will be a nice break from it! :)