hand sanitizer: the new lighter fluid.

I'm not an "outdoors enthusiast" but I do like to go camping once or twice a year - generally for family reunion. This year, we got a motel room for reunion, so we haven't taken a chance to camp.

We realized that Summer is over, Autumn is about two weeks long, and then snow comes (ugh!), so we spent yesterday evening around a campfire up Logan Canyon. Well, for some of that time, we sat around blackened pieces of wood. They would not catch fire! We quickly burned through almost all the paper items we had and any pieces of dry wood or brush we could find. Still nothing.

Hand sanitizer to the rescue! Steve squirted some on the wood and it lit up and stayed lit for the rest of the night. (Disclaimer - hand sanitizer should probably be used as a last resort. It was slightly explosive.) We had bratwurst and s'mores and cuddled with cute babies until our bladders needed to be emptied, then we put out the fire, loaded up our camp chairs, and came home to sleep in our warm houses and soft beds.

To be honest, I had camp food, fun conversations around a campfire, cold, and a full bladder, and a great night's sleep. With the exception of a great night's sleep, it sounds like camping to me! LOL Thanks Steve, Jen, Austin, and Mason, for a fun evening :)


GwynnsGifts said...

That sounded like so much fun. I love to camp but I always end up on the ground and the kids get the bed so we love to set up camp in the very back of our yard so it seems like camping but when everyone gets tired of sleeping outside we are just steps away from a comfortable bed

Melinda said...

That's the way to do it!

meg [ bode22 ] said...

Ohmygosh. I got my necklace today and it's gorgeous. I love it. And the card - super cute! Is there anything crafty that you CAN'T do?! :)