progress report

I've been working on my five projects and I finally have some progress to report! My black and white quilt is done! Wahoo!! My scrapbook closet is getting VERY close to being done, my Bryce Canyon scrapbook has two pages left to complete, and the bathroom decorating has only a few projects remaining. The living room will take a little more work. I need to sew some pillow and decide what other things I want/need to decorate with. I may have also worked on some jewelry, decorated my bedroom, worked on the blog makeover, and created some cards. So much for sticking with the five projects... Steph and I stopped by DI to look for old books we could use for decorating purposes. This is one case where it's probably okay to judge them by their covers. LOL. We ended up getting 13 books for $20 and have books to match many of the rooms in the house. I loved the little "Mustard Seed" book and one of them is titled "My Crooked Family." LOL There's also one we bought that doesn't actually match anything in the house, but is a poem that my Grandma (and now my mom) shared with new mothers, called "Day Old Child." We thought it was sweet to have something sentimental.


Sandra Collins said...

oh my gosh - how do you keep up with it all?

Emily said...

Haha. I'm unproductive 75% of the time.

Chanel said...

Beautiful quilts! I want to get into quilting but am too afraid to try!

Great find on those books! They look very homey and comforting.