wednesday weigh-in

Stephanie made cookies for a work party last week and I didn't eat any of them. They smelled really good though. I've continued to eat healthy. I'm feeling well, I have more energy, and my skin seems to have cleared up some. That alone is pretty awesome, but I finally lost some weight too...

Haha. 2.5 pounds! It may just be some normal fluctuation, but that's okay by me. I hope it continues.

Today I'd also like to weigh in on Spirituality. I do a lot of things right. I read scriptures, write in my journal, and pray daily. I seek the guidance of the Spirit a lot. And I have never doubted my religion. But, my church attendance is horrible. I was doing really well until about a year ago when I got a severe migraine while I was at church and went home early. I think I've been back twice since then. Well, THREE times... Steph and I were there this past Sunday. We'd like to make a habit of it as well. Sure, it's sometimes boring and being in a Single's Ward sucks, but I have to make the most of it until my circumstances change.

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Melinda said...

Way to go! I don't know if I could stay away from fresh baked cookies. 2.5 lbs. isn't bad at all! I was surprised when you wrote you hadn't been to church very much in the last year, but I remember what singles wards were like and I don't blame you. My lil' bro calls it the meat market. It's easy to stop going once you miss one week. I think I would miss more if I wasn't needed in Primary so much.