my week has been kinda weird...

-In an effort to avoid falling asleep on the couch, I avoided the living room altogether. Instead, I fell asleep on the kitchen counter. Yes, the kitchen counter.

-I ripped a large hole in a pair of slacks as I was getting in the car last night after going to a party.

-I made cookies for the party and melted the butter on accident instead of just softening it and screwed it all up. I threw the whole bowl of dough away and started over.

-I went shopping with a friend and didn't want to buy anything then. I've thought about one particular shirt since then and it was on sale 50% off, so I may go back and get it this weekend.

-My house is in dire need of a cleaning. I'm not disgusting, so it's not disgusting, but I love it when my house is spotless and it's far from that right now.

-I've fallen asleep twice while writing this post and I'm at work. LOL

-Beads are on sale and I need/want some, but I have NO desire to go shopping for them.

-Last night, I had to explain to my coworkers (for the 1000th time) why I'm not dating my flirt buddy. We flirt. We always have. There's not really any interest beyond that, mutually. Besides, I don't flirt with the guy I do like. I'm too busy just gazing at that one :) And thinking about how funny and smart he is. Anyway...

-I need a vacation.


Melinda said...

-your body needs sleep, so go to bed!
-sorry about your slacks. I hate when that happens. BTW, who says slacks except for gmas? :)
-sorry about your cookies, you don't have to be perfect all the time.
-I fight the urge to social buy, so I don't blame you for waiting. They probably still have the shirt.
-gotta clean my house too, family coming today!! No excuses.
-rally for nap time at work?
-Going to the store isn't that fun, especially with gas prices.
-You need to make up a fictional guy that is wooing you. Maybe make some people jealous and also get people to stop talking... or you can tell people you want to be a nun or a lesbian. I wouldn't go for the last one, it would cause more talk. :)

Emily said...

haha- Melinda.
"Slacks" takes less time to say than "dress pants" and takes less time to explain than "work pants."
I made a second batch of cookies and they were awesome, as usual.
I always try to wait on purchases to test if I really want them or if I'm caught up in the moment.
Nap time at work would be awesome!
A fictional guy would probably scare the good guy away and humor everyone else. They wouldn't believe nun 'cause I'd have to convert for that one, and they'd enjoy the lesbian thing too much. I suppose I'll continue with things the way they're going.