missing Summer...

Classes started yesterday at USU. Steph skipped a class already, LOL, but this semester is kind of a repeat of her last semester. After our car accident, we both suffered a little post traumatic stress and it took it's toll on her classes. She didn't fail anything, but she wants higher grades than she got last Spring.

Anyway, I'm not a student. This starting school year should have little to no impact on me. But... I'd forgotten how busy Logan gets when 18,000 more people show up overnight! UGH. There's more traffic. More people that think bikes are cars and slow down the busier traffic even more. Shopping yesterday was crazy - Walmart was out of apples last night. Apples.

On the plus side, the people-watcher in me had a delightful time watching six strangers shop together. New roommates. I kinda miss being in school and having roommates. Those were some good times! (well... 80% good times. LOL) I loved Ricks College. I would go back there in a heartbeat. I know things would be so much different now though. :(

I'm looking forward to Autumn. Those glorious two weeks between HOT and SNOW.


Melinda said...

DITTO!!!! I know exactly how you feel--whole post! Except I live 15 minutes away from BYU, so I don't see college kids cleaning us out. I LOVED Ricks! I totally understand what you feel. I think of that time and wish I were there again! I miss it so much. I wish I could go back, but it wouldn't be the same at ALL. I went up a few years ago with a friend and I was in a deep depression all day. I hardly saw anyone I knew. Everyone and everything moved on without me. That was such a happy time in my life. I love fall for many reasons but the two biggest are because of school starting (college was the BEST) and the lovely fall leaves and weather. I LOVE FALL. Is it too early to put out my fall wreath and little fall leaves? I sprinkle them everywhere. I miss hanging out with you and your roommates. Even though you all had some problems (get six girls together and what do you expect?!) I think your apt. was the most fun! I loved you guys! I have a pic somewhere of that time we went to FHE in the park and it rained on us. I should find it and sent it. :) Good times. It was fun to reminisce on your blog. *sigh*

Emily said...

Wow - I had completely forgotten about that FHE. Didn't we walk home and jump in puddles the whole way? I remember Ellie getting mad at me for getting her even more wet. LOL. I didn't know there was a photo. I'd love to see it if you can find it!