happy things:

After being sleepy all day, I took a 45 minute nap on the couch and woke up alert (that's VERY rare for me)

I watched episodes of The Office while working on my black and white baby quilt

Stephanie saw some flannel that screamed "EMILY" so she bought me several yards. It's awesome!! It has stylized trees, apples, and owls. Now I need to decide what I want.. pajamas, a blanket, or something different altogether?

I worked on my blog makeover today as well. I've made a couple different banners and I'm trying to decide what I like best. Perhaps I'll post them here this weekend and let people vote.

My favorite hair care product came in the mail today. I ordered it like 3 days ago and totally forgot. It was definitely a happy surprise at the mailbox. (Redken Weightlifter - my hair is fine and most volumizing stuff is too heavy. This stuff is wonderful!)

I had some fun interactions with my coworkers today :)

My friends and I scheduled a game night a couple weeks from now. It should be a lot of fun! I'm really excited!

I'm going to bed early tonight - like 9:00 - I've been tired for the past 3 days because I've only been getting 6 hours of sleep.

I've had this great, bubbly, something-awesome-is-about-to-happen feeling. I feel like I'm smiling on the inside.

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Melinda said...

I am so happy for you and your "feeling"! I hope something fabulous happens! You deserve it. I can't wait to see your banners!