weekend to do:

work on sewing project:
Did some, need to do some more. I'm sewing a nursery set for my cousin Katie.

make a coptic-bound book:
Done! I actually made/took apart/remade the same book three times to try new techniques and get it how I wanted it. It was fun and I can definitely see myself making more little books. I'm going to decorate the cover and then I'll post pictures.

pay bills (credit card, student loan):
Paid the credit card, will pay the student loan in a few days. It's not due yet anyway.

create some new jewelry creations:
Made 2 cute watches and I'm so addicted! I just bought a ton more watch faces online (because in town they are marked up 300%!!!). I need to also make a necklace for a custom order - Thanks, Melinda - and a few other little projects.

photograph and list items on Etsy:
Not yet, but soon. I need to do this badly!

go see "Peter Pan" at Old Barn:
TOTALLY spaced it. I've been planning this for like a month, was reminded Friday, and still forgot to go. Oops.

lunch date with Jen and Steph on Sat:
Had a fun time out with my girlies. And the two babies. It was nice.

attend church:

do something for mother's day:
Had a great get-together with my parents, Jen + kids, and Steph and I. We had planned for kabobs and fruit pizza, but the grill wasn't cooperating. We improvised and cooked the chicken in the oven and made a stir fry with all the veggies. Yum. It was a beautiful day. I spent time outside with a sleeping baby's dead weight on my chest (love that!). Enjoyed spending time with my parents.

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