I found myself oddly fascinated with book bindings last week and set out to try making a book. I wanted something small and simple. I also needed a way to take fabric samples with me when I'm shopping and trying to match things. Thus, my swatch book was created. I'm crazy and picked my color scheme based on the head of the pin I wanted to use. Yellow.

Coptic binding is simple. It does take some coordination and practice. Mine is FAR from perfect, but it was fun to go out and learn something new. I watched a great video online and also read through some instructions here. I liked that I didn't need any special tools and it didn't use adhesive. Another great feature of this binding is that it opens flat.

I'd like to make another book one of these days... to get more practice, mostly. It's hard to tell dimensions from the pictures. The book is about 4.5"x5"

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