wardrobe malfunction

Ok, I don't embarrass easily, which is a really good thing because I constantly do ridiculous things. What follows is the story of my unfortunate wardrobe malfunction yesterday:

I was working away at my desk and felt something kinda weird in my lap. I looked down and saw that my pants were completely undone (think slacks - a zipper, two hooks, and a button) and hanging open. Yes.

I had a vague recollection of thinking it hadn't taken very long to use the bathroom after lunch. Now I knew why. I had simply pulled them up, tucked in my tank top, and straightened my shirt.

I'm lucky that I was stuck at my desk all day. Walking around would have resulted in those slacks finding their way down to my ankles. That would have been humorously awful.

Don't go thinking that I was flashing all my coworkers. I wear a pair of leggings or long johns under my slacks to keep warm in the winter. Plus, my shirt was longish - almost long enough to completely cover the hanging flaps of my slacks.

Yeah. Just another day in my life. LOL


Jenni said...

hahaha everyday when I am walking to work, I check my pants to make sure I zipped them. It has happened far too often that I do up the little button and hooks... but for some reason I can never remember that darn zipper. So, I hear ya... :)

Emily said...

yes, but have you ever missed the zipper, two hooks, and a button? LOL

Melinda said...

LOL!!! That totally made my day! You are so funny. I do things to embarrass myself constantly, except I embarrass easily. :p You have such a good attitude about stuff like that. It happens to the best of us. :)