I haven't always understood that happiness is a choice. I think I figured that out in my late teens, but it's made SUCH a difference in how I live/interact/view life and those around me. It can still be difficult to choose happiness on days that are just flat-out crummy, but I think that's when it's MOST important. I've been having mostly good days lately and here are ten reasons why:

1- Christmas is OVER!! January may be my favorite month of the year for this very reason. My tree is still up and we may leave it up for a while because I like it, it's not in my way, and well, I can!

2- Being creative. I've been working on several projects around the house, plus jewelry and scrapbooking. I am honestly happiest when I'm doing something creative.

3- Having a clean house. I love when my home is clean. It's far from spotless, but the dishes are done and the clutter is at a minimum.

4- Hearing from friends. Whether that be through email, postal mail, blogs, phone calls, IM's, text messages, etc. It makes me so happy to just connect with my friends.

5- I have a HUGE crush on a guy-friend of mine. Enough said, right?! I talk to him every day and wow. Just wow!

6- Adding people to the hitlist in Mafia Wars (on Facebook). Seriously. It is so freaking awesome and makes me smile each and every time. I added one person to the hitlist because they spelled their own username wrong. It felt good. LOL

7- Going to bed early. Some people feel bad for me if they hear that I went to bed early. Honestly, it feels awesome to climb into bed before you're completely exhausted and just relax there while you reflect on the day.

8- My niece and nephews. I love them to pieces. They are so adorable and it is so fun to see them grow and learn new things. Makes me excited for my own kids someday.

9- Work. I have a decent job and coworkers that I get along with most of the time (there may have been some drama today... oops). It provides me with structure and income and job skills that I may not have gained had I chosen a different job. Sure, my job can be super stressful, but it has benefits as well that generally even things out.

10- My home. I've never lived anywhere as long as I've lived here and I love it. I will be so sad when it comes time to leave. It has become a part of who I am in a lot of ways. I love that I can escape here. I can be private and reclusive if I want. I get alone time here. I really just adore being at home.

What's making you happy right now?

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Melinda said...

I love to see so many things making you happy! I think Sam makes me happy the most...and a husband that helps a LOT. The dr says that Sam is in his gerber baby stage. :)

Do you know what's up with Bones? Why is Zack back? Did I miss an episode or something? I got that he didn't kill anybody and he did escape and help them solve a case, but why is he out? Thanks for getting me into Bones. Love that show!