cake at midnight

I work early in the morning, which means I'm out of bed by 4:30am most days. I don't mind it. It's my routine. That also means I'm rarely up past 10:30. Last night, Steph and I went to Jen's to chill with her and the babies. I got drowsy watching movies, but once those were over and we started chatting, I was awake.

At about 12:30am, Jen and Steph had a craving for cake, so we started baking. We talked while we baked and had a good time while we waited. I made it to 2:40 before I could not keep my eyes open for another second and crashed into bed.

Now, I have a headache. This happens when I mess up my sleep. Oh well, I'll get through. Nothing monumental happened last night, but our cake at midnight will be a fun memory anyway.


Melinda said...

I love those kind of memories. :) Staying up and talking and eating! It's worth it once in awhile, right? I'm the night owl and Jon is the early bird. I kind of miss having girl roommates and hanging out. Maybe this spring or summer when the weather is better you and Stephanie will have to come down and stay with us. I'll make you cake. We have a jetted garden tub if that sweetens the pot. :D

Emily said...

The deal is sweet without the cake and the tub :)