table, part deux

(pardon the bad photo please - what looks like dust and uneven painting is actually a result of using a flash) Here she is! I finished the second coat of paint on Tuesday and now I'm just letting her get good and dry before she's moved to my bedroom. Really, I've just been busy with other things and haven't yet made the time to move the old nightstand out of the way yet.

My latest project is an afghan for my bed. I'm making a duvet cover, bed skirt, and pillows, and I wanted a cute throw blanket too, but couldn't find something in the right color. I found yarn in the perfect color and it was so inexpensive (2.59/skein and on sale at Michaels for only 2.00 this week! Wahoo!) It's so soft, but holds its shape really well. Luckily, I can work on the afghan while I'm at work, so it's coming along pretty quickly.


Meekiyu said...

Nice paint job! I saw the before wooden looking table and you definitely modernized it. I bet it would be awesome in your room =D

muirwoodsue said...

You did a great job painting the table. It really looks so much better. Yeah for you!!