So, I caved and created a Facebook account. I was bored. LOL. It has been fun to find people though. There are people from high school that I forgot about (hey - it's been almost a decade since I graduated), family members that I see only once or twice a year, friends that live far far away, and friends that live a block away that I see only once or twice a year. LOL.

Creating a profile is... interesting. I think I'm boring and can never think of anything interesting to list under "about me" types of things.

This whole thing is new to me. If you're out there and want to be my Facebook friend, let me know or send me an invite :)


Jenni said...

I'd love to be your friend on Facebook! hehe I tried to find you, but I got confused. I am listed under Jennifer Owens. Uncle Matt and I are friends... he convinced my dad to get one as well. that is kind of weird... haha

Emily said...

lol. I invited ya!

Noelia said...

I'm still resisting...I wonder for how much longer haha