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I've been on the hunt for a new bedside table for about six months. Everything was either too expensive or not quite right. I guess I was just looking for something that spoke to me and said "Hey, I would look awesome next to your bed." followed by "And I won't break the bank to do so."

I was having a cranky day last week and needed some space, but I wasn't gonna get any. Steph suggested that we go to a thrift store to look for old books... It was kismet. I heard those words that I'd been listening for. A great table sat before me. It needed a little love, but I was more than willing to supply it.

I took a peek at the price tag: How's $10.00? Yeah!! This table had spoken to me and had practically no impact on my budget. It's solid and sturdy and awesome. I snagged this baby right up, hurried home, and started sanding away. The first coat of paint was applied yesterday. I have one or two areas on the legs that need a drip mark sanded off and then I'll get that final coat of paint applied. It's looking so awesome and it's not even finished yet.

I'm happiest when I'm being creative (something I've known for a long time) and I try to do something crafty as often as I can. I'm gonna try and update here with the crafty things I'm working on. Soon, I'll be able to share photos of my awesome table in her new black coat ;)

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Raquel said...

Isn't it great when things like finding the one thing you have been looking for work out. I love browsing through thrift shops. I used to go just for the books but not anymore.