up to something

It really has been a long time since I blogged. I've honestly been jumping back and forth between too-busy-to-post and nothing-blog-worthy-to-write-about. In the past month, we've had two visits from my brother (he's currently deployed and in Texas, soon to be Kuwait), hosted a quilt group meeting, undertaken some large projects (I was commissioned to do some sewing - and we also bought a cabinet to repaint for Stephanie's bedroom). There have been many other little things all squished in there as well.

I like being busy, but I really like downtime so much more. LOL. I'm excited to have this sewing project done so that I can focus more on my own projects.

The pitcture in this post is my first attempt at cutting vinyl on my Silhouette and it was SO MUCH FUN!! I have designed several other things to cut and I'm loving it. That little machine was such a great investment. Honestly, I don't scrapbook as much as I'd like anymore, but I use "Sil" a couple times a week for vinyl and other projects. When I do scrapbook, it's so nice to be able to design exactly what I want and just press that little "cut" button!

On another note: I need a freaking vacation!


Caleb's Mama said...

I love all the crafty things that you do, I wish I was half as creative as you are!

Stephanie said...

I love being able to live with you and share in (y)our crafty projects. Thank you for helping with the vinyl sign. As you already know, Cassie loved it. It turned out to be a great gift.

Helena said...

I love the sign. Very cute.