under arrest

Last night was awesomely exciting in the perfect way... short-lived, non-scary drama. Just a crazy situation and lots of laughter.

I was sitting on the porch with Jen and Austin (almost 3) came over with some handcuffs and told me that I was under arrest. Jen warned me NOT to let Austin put the cuffs on me because they are real and they didn't have a key. I played along with Austin without being cuffed.

Twenty minutes later, Kassie (almost 12) and her friend came back from their bike ride. Jen and I looked up from our conversation and realized one second too late that Stevie had cuffed Kassie... I stayed outside with Mason while Jen oiled Kassie's wrist and tried to slide the cuffs off. There were tears and frustration, but Kassie remained cuffed. Jen called her Ex (Brandon, a cop) and asked him to swing by with a handcuff key. He explained that he couldn't get away, but that he would dispatch someone from Logan City to come unlock the cuffs.

Officer Hoth arrived like some actual emergency was taking place and declared that his handcuff key didn't fit and that the cuffs were actually a toy. Ok, fine. These are the most realistic TOY cuffs I've ever seen. The neighbors started to gather as the cop tried numerous things to get those cuffs off. Nothing seemed to work. He even called his wife to see if their kids had a set of toy handcuffs. They didn't. Brandon called back to see if we'd had any luck yet and offered to come by with a bolt cutter.

The paper clip finally did the trick and Kassie was freed. Those cuffs found their way to the dumpster so we won't find ourselves reliving this situation again. LOL


Stephanie said...

I really sad that I missed it. Aren't you glad that it was Kassie, and not you?

Celeste said...

Holy cow, that is CRAZY!