to do list:

I've been in this weird funk where I only get things done if I write them on a list of some sort. I've always been a list-maker, but I have always been able to get things accomplished that were not on the list as well. Oh well, I'll go with the flow.
My to do list:

Make new duvet cover. And pillows.

Buy a new bedskirt.

Change the sheets on my bed.

Buy brackets for a shelf.

Finish painting the shelf.

Hang the shelf. And decorate it.

Gather all the stuff that needs to go to storage.

Take a trip to my parents house to store my crap in their basement.

Sort the crap already stored there and give some to DI.


Laundry: whites, colors, jeans, towels, and bedding.

Fold and put away all that laundry.

Make a menu and a shopping list.

Go grocery shopping.

Make new jewelry items for my Etsy shop.

Buy protective film.

Cut protective film to fit the viewing screen on my new camera.

Read the new camera manual.

Take photos.

Find a good weight-training DVD. Any suggestions??

Catch up on Bones and Office. Maybe just Bones. Office is lacking this season.

Scrapbook. Nothing specific. Just to prove to myself that I'm still capable.

Send the cards I started making in January.

Sand and stain the tray for my bedroom table.

Buy a new pair of pants... I ripped my favorites on Monday :(

Do something bold and courageous. Very non-specific, I know.

Find a way to be of service to someone.

Get my ass to church. Yeah, I see the irony in "ass" and "church" being in the same sentence. Just proof how badly I need it.

Wash walls, windows, and baseboards.

Sort toys in the toy drawer.

Maybe go to a movie. Because I never do.

Research painting and distressing techniques.

Get laid. You know, just in case I forget to add this to the appropriate list at the appropriate time (and because my coworker stood over me and said "add get laid to your list").

Buy paint to change up an accent table.

Impulsively buy and assemble a new accent chair.

Sort and organize my huge bead stash.

Buy new towels for the bathroom.

Go to the post office.

Mail rent check.

Plan menu for Jen's birthday party this weekend.

Pick 3 books for the book club.

Buy Jen flowers as a favor to Steven.

Take a much-needed nap!

Think of other things to add to this list. LOL


meg said...

I love this list. You are seriously so funny. Good luck checkin' each of them off!

Anthony & Linds said...

Hey Emily! Its Lindsey Hill....Kristi's Lil sister. After some thought I decided I would stalk your blog. In my heart it feels like the right decision. Let me know though. I just wanted to say hello and tell you that you look great! And I checked out your etsy shop and I was amazed! I can't wait to see more of your products!