never fear...

I'm still here. I've just been sick with a nasty cold. It's making the rounds at work and starts with "Man, my throat hurts!" Those very words came from my mouth Sunday afternoon and by Monday morning, I was MISERABLE. I took a day off and slept until every part of my body hurt. Oh, and Dayquil makes me so sick.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel a little better. I've got several fun little projects going, which I will share pictures of soon because they're more interesting than hearing about my latest illness. lol

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Caleb's Mama said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well... hope you are better soon!
I hated the drawer too and scraped and sanded it tonight. Going back to plain brown is better.
Let me know if you and Steph will be down this way soon or I will take a trip to Logan to see you!
Love ya!