no peeking...

This year, we had 90% of our shopping done before December and it has been awesome. Here's what we did for family this year:
I found the huge red bowls at Walmart for like 1.97 and I ordered vinyl lettering for them from onceuponadesign. I don't know how it'll hold up, to be honest. I'll tell the recipients to handwash the bowls if they want to preserve the lettering. I'd kinda like to buy and label a barf bucket now. We had one growing up that was named "Beeston." It would be so stinking awesome... Anyway, we followed a movie night theme. It was fun and easy.

Last year, we made jammies for everyone. It was a lot of fun and a ton of work. I don't mind spending time on a gift, but it was stressful. We bought tons of flannel way in advance and then waited until a week before Christmas to actually make them, so there was a major time crunch and not enough enjoyment in the project. This year, I did a lot of online shopping and was done in just a couple hours. Perfection!

I got this today. Just the wrapper. Not the chocolate. My coworker thought it would be a nice reminder for me. (It says: Holiday magic starts from within) I happen to like being Scrooge-ish. Haha. He thinks I'm bad for being cranky for four weeks out of the year and he's cranky for 52 of them ;)

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Melinda said...

LOVE the popcorn bowl! Your family will love those! I love how the dvds were wrapped to match the bowl. I love your gift idea. It's so thoughtful and I am all for something easy. I bought all of Jon's stuff online this year (awesome) with the exception of a few things he had to try on first. The only hard part about it was waiting for it all--one pkg was delivered to someone in my neighborhood. Good thing they're honest. Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful CHRISTmas!