I've always said that I don't care to have a wedding cake when I get married. I must amend that... Now, the official word is: These are FREAKING AWESOME and if I came into enough money to justify it, I absolutely would! There are a couple pages of photos and it was worth the ten minutes I spent looking at them!

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Melinda said...

I haven't looked at all of those cakes, but WOW. Those look like your kind of cake. :) For my wedding I had a traditional Scandinavian wedding cake because my dad's side is Danish and Icelandic. It had layers of sponge cake, rasperry, whipped cream, and marzipan. It wasn't as beautiful, but it was yummy!!

I agree about Gen Conference Sundays. I love them. Yesterday my family wanted us over for dinner before it was over and we don't like that. We like to actually listen. It is nice to have a "free Sunday". No Primary for me!